multiple points of grid connection and the opposite end of the bus rule
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Allen Frishman
2014-10-22 13:15:20 UTC
I am working on a multi building complex that is part of a isolated grid (multiple buildings are fed from one central building). All of the power from the utility enters one central building via a 4000AS/4000AF Service Switch. The 4000A Service switch feeds a 3 section cabinet with (5) fused switches per section. The fused switches in each of these sections then feed a different building in the complex. My plan is to install a solar array with inverters on each of these buildings and grid connect to the conductors at the individual building entrances. The majority if not all of the solar power will feed directly into the building that the array is located on however since the point of solar grid connection is to the conductors feeding the building that originate in the central buildings switch gear I am trying to get my head around the need to comply with the opposite side of the bus rule in the 3 sections located in the central building.

I am hoping I am missing a rule in the NEC that will allow the multiple grid connections described to connect to all of the fused switch positions in the central buildings switch gear.

All feedback is appreciated.

Al Frishman

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